It is important to provide vigilant landscaping and lawn care services to keep your commercial business turf beautiful, vibrant, and healthy through the year.


Let us improve the health of your lawn by aerating your soil. Lawn aeration, or core aeration, helps by pulling up plugs of soil and then allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. Lawn aeration will help strengthen the roots and allow them to grow deeper. Strong roots in grass will help make it look very green and more beautiful.


Over-seeding is simply the distribution of new grass seed, Over-seeding is performed right after aeration via walk-behind broadcast spreader, to an area where turf has already been established (this typically means your whole yard). Best results are attained when this is done in either early Spring or Fall, but we can provide the service at any time during the lawn care season.


Lawn rolling is one of our Spring services, best performed when the ground is still soft from the snow melt.  The primary purpose for having your lawn rolled is to flatten any lumps or bumps that may have developed during the winter freeze/thaw cycle.  This will help avoid an uneven appearance when the lawn is cut, and prevent scalping of the grass by the mower blades.

 Lawn rolling can compact the soil to a depth of 10 inches.

Core Aeration is highly recommended after lawn rolling since this kind of compaction can damage the root system of the lawn.


Thatch is a mat of plant material mainly of grass stems and roots. A thin layer (3/4 inch or less) is normal and does no harm. In fact, a thin layer protects the grass crown and helps to reduce soil compaction. Thatch that has accumulated thicker than 3/4″ prevents water, fertilizer, and oxygen from reaching the roots.

Thatch buildup is a common problem that can cause lawns to struggle and when it is severe, it can ruin a lawn.